Why quality coffee is so important for the british workers

Every year an average of 100 hours are spent by the british workers, making tea and coffee, according to the  last researches carried out by AppliancesDirect.co.uk. This fact simply shows that the importance of quality coffee at the working place is a necessity for every business that employee satisfaction is a priority.

The research also found during its survey of UK workers, that 87% of them believe that regular tea breaks aid their productivity,  while 38% say a hot cup of coffee is their beverage of choice.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at ApliancesDirect.co.uk, said: “The data revealed some interesting findings about the nation’s workplace break habits, and it’s great to see so many Britons are taking regular breaks throughout the day to grab a drink. Whether you work at a desk in a shop or a factory, or on a building site, getting away from your workstation for a few minutes at regular intervals is likely to aid productivity as it allows you time to stretch your legs and gather your thoughts before heading back to it”

With the rise of coffee shops in the UK in the last years, consumers have become coffee connoisseurs and now expect a much higher quality of drink.
In the last couple of years UK has seen a large shift from instant machines to automatic bean to cup machines, bringing employees a coffee shop style drink but at a fraction of the cost. Alternatively, this has also been introduced to employees as an added benefit, as employee satisfaction has become a priority for the majority of the business.
At the moment on the market there is a wide range of beverages equipment available, as table top, floor standing machines, with a high capacity and of course fresh milk coffee machines.  It really depends on what your business needs and requirements are.
So whether you are a small office business or a big factory, according to the current research the importance of quality coffee at the workplace is vital when it comes about employee satisfaction.

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