Floor Standing Machines

Here at Blue Caffè, we can supply your business with several models of hot drinks vending machines. Each machine is able to provide you with a wide variety of freshly ground coffee blends, up to 16 selections, such as Italian Espresso, Cappuccino, Irish Cappuccino and Caffè Latte.
No matter what size or type your business is, our coffee vending machines are bespoke and tailored to your needs. 

N&W Kikko Max Vending machine



A larger capacity for a wider range

Kikko Max is the taller version of the well-known Kikko from Necta. Designed to be banked next to the Snakky Max spiral machine and other Necta machines, Kikko Max forms one half of the perfect vending partnership.

As well as a change of height, Kikko Max’s selection and payment area has been updated, creating a more user-friendly experience. An increased cup capacity guarantees the ability to cater for individual tastes. The Kikko solution is designed for medium sized locations.




Opera: superior performance and quality

This Necta jewel guarantees an excellent price/performance ratio. Opera is a concentrate of technology embracing the best performances currently available for the intermediate range of the free-standing market offering a wide choice and optimum drink quality
small opera



A combination of design and performance

With its dimensions optimizing space in small to medium locations, the Concerto offers an ideal freestanding beverage solution. A reduction in size doesn’t mean limited choice either: the elegant Concerto delivers a large selection of quality hot and cold options to suit every taste. These units notably feature Z 4000 espresso and double espresso technology alongside sturdy Italian craftsmanship ensuring the Concerto a role as a benchmark product within the vending industry for some years to come.
concerto small

Choose the coffee machine that is the most appropriate for you.





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