Fresh milk machines

Fresh milk coffee machines are always considered to be the best option, when it comes to delivering beverages of exceptional quality. 
Fresh milk machines can easily guarantee a wide variety of hot dispensed drinks such as an authentic espresso or frothy cappuccino


Aulika is the perfect combination of aesthetics and professional performance. It has a clean, rational design and unparalleled technology: double hydraulic circuit, conical blades, and large water and coffee capacity (for the Aulika Top and Mid models). All these characteristics make this machine perfect for locations with high daily consumptions. The wide graphic display can manage both icons and text messages in several languages.
The interface is equipped with 8 direct selection keys that make the machine easy to use and programme.  Cleaning and maintenance activities, too, are made easier by the fact that all components requiring regular checks can be removed. The Top version is integrated by a base with extra capacity for grounds collection and can also be connected directly to the water supply

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