Coffee the most beloved drink in the world

No one knows exactly when or how the coffee was discovered.
Even though there are many stories and legends about the most beloved drink in the world.
One story about coffee says that a goatherd, tending goats in Ethiopia, saw his goats chewing some cherries and began to grow very frisky. They even could’t have sleep at night.
Those cherries seemed to drive away fatigue, so immediately  people of that time, started to roast the seeds inside and brewing  them to drink. So in this way the first coffees have been born. And in no time, coffee became very popular around the world.
Today two billion cups are consumed every day worldwide and according to the British coffee association, in the UK we drink aproximately 55 million cups of coffee per day.
Ground coffee and single-served coffee pods are becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst millenials.
Another growing trend is the consumption of coffee through the use of the vending coffee machines. Due to the technological development from the last couple of years, the vending coffee machines in our days are capable of dispensing high quality freshly ground coffee in a wide variety of forms.
So, for some people a pleasure for others people simply a necesitie, consumed as a cappuccino, latte, espresso or americano, coffee has managed to establish its well position in the market as one of the most beloved drink in the world.